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Vi Mobile Tower Agency in India

Today I am here to help you with the process of applying for 4G Mobile Tower Installation, 5G Mobile Tower maintenance, and other mobile tower deployment services in simple words. We mobiletowergroup provide Mobile Tower Installation And Communication Towers Installation related Information And Solutions In Most Of The Cities Of India.We have a very dedicated staff to provide relevant information to people who want to install a mobile phone in their place. So fill up the request form and earn a good passive income with no hassle. Vodafone Idea Limited, which operates a business like Vi (pronounced as we), is an Indian telephone operator with headquarters in Mumbai and Gandhinagar. They offer tower installation services in rural and urban areas.

All India Integrated GSM operator offering 2G, 4G, 4G +, VoLTE, and VoWiFi services. As of April 30, 2021, Vodafone Vi has a subscription base of 281.90 million, making it the third-largest telecommunications network in India and the seventh-largest mobile tower network in the world.

Advantages of Vi 4G Mobile Tower Installation on a building: Long-term profit The contract for a mobile tower may change from year to year, but the property owner may extend the tax to use the proceeds. In addition, a built-in mobile tower can have a positive impact on property prices. The patterns found in those buildings with cell tower installations testify to an additional 10-15 percent increase in their average prices compared to other similar structures there.
Mobile users are increasing; reports say that there are more than 3 million users, and the numbers are still rapidly growing. By availing of our 4G mobile tower installation service, you can lend your hand towards improving the quality of the mobile network in your area. Being a pioneer in helping telecom companies, we help them find people ready to get a tower installed. In case you have vacant land and wants to earn money as a rental, we will help you get it done immediately.

Passive source of income No matter what your job or salary is, you never think about getting paid. Who wouldn’t want a regular income without trying to save it? Installing a mobile tower in your land is one possible answer. Telecom giants such as Airtel, Reliance Jio 4G, Vi , BSNL and others continue to spread their network limits, and if all goes well, they may want to rent your property by installing their tower.

Additional Service benefits In some cases, towers in a private residential building take advantage of the landowner, not only in the form of monthly rent but also through free calls and online services. Likewise, an upgraded network service with less downtime is an additional benefit, as long as the site owner uses the same mobile network.

Disadvantages of Vi 4G Mobile Tower Installation on a building Health issues: According to the Study, the Mobile Tower Installation can increase the risk of health risks, such as headaches, memory loss, congenital malformations, and depression. Many studies also report that Mobile Towers can cause infections as they transmit non-ionizing, high-frequency Radio Frequency (RF) waves. Following are issues faced by people around mobile tower installation Brain swelling, Sleep-related issues, Hearing loss, Anxiety, Lethargy, Heart disorders, mental disorders, Headaches, Dizziness, Fatigue, Altered, reflexes Depression, Joint pains, Cancer. Impacts aesthetic value of the property: Tall towers on your terrace or land/building can reduce the attractiveness of the building, especially in beautiful areas. Although mobile phone companies have made several attempts to hide the towers or install smaller towers, still, the concept does not seem to fit well. Additional Service benefits In some cases, towers in a private residential building take advantage of the landowner, not only in the form of monthly rent but also through free calls and online services. Likewise, an upgraded network service with less downtime is an additional benefit, as long as the site owner uses the same mobile network.

Documentation for Vi Mobile Tower Installation While preparing documents, it is also important to know what exactly encompasses a mobile tower – Ground Based Tower, Roof Top Tower, Roof Top Poles, Cell Phone Tower, Antenna Fixtures, Fabricated Antenna, Tower to install telephone lines, Transmission Towers, Cell On Wheels, In-Building solutions and Micro Sites. Following is a list of documents that need to be submitted to get approval for a mobile tower installation: Proof of Identity, Proof of address, Structure Documents, No certificate of opposition. Area Plan alongside encompassing foundations. It is unlawful to introduce towers close to schools and clinics. Site Plan showing total components of the plot, number, and tallness of designs and admittance to the plot. Underlying Strength Endorsement from an ensured primary specialist with the stature of the pinnacles. The structure ought to have the option to withstand the heap of the versatile pinnacle. Duplicate of authorized arrangement of the structure and authentic inhabitance authentication. Possession reports. Rent Arrangement showing the two players (candidate and building proprietor) has consented to the establishment. Drawing of pinnacle specifying establishment and planning boundaries. Tallness of the pinnacle alongside rise subtleties. If there should be an occurrence of high or low strain electrical wiring around the proposed site, documentation enumerating the distance between the pinnacle and lines is obligatory. Pinnacle weight in metric tons. Reimbursement bond tolerating the duty of mishaps caused through this establishment and a guarantee to make important remuneration where required. A no-protest testament from the local group of fire-fighters. Duplicates of all fundamental records demonstrating consistence with Climate (security) Act, 1986. Duplicate of Standing Warning Board on Radio Recurrence Portions leeway alongside an endeavor that in case of issues emerging restorative measures to be taken or tower is to be eliminated. Affirmation receipts from TERM cells or any comparable body ensuring all encompassing public regions are inside safe Electromagnetic Radiation openness.

Tall cell towers on your terrace or land/plot may reduce the aesthetic appeal of the property, particularly in scenic areas. Though cellular companies have made several attempts to camouflage the towers or install smaller towers, however, the concept does not seem to blend in well. Additional services:

Vodafone Vi 4G Mobile Tower Installation Charges Dispatching of a telecom tower under any circumstance in nature doesn’t occur that way, particularly in case you are searching for a “tower” what we call GBT (Ground-Based Tower) or RTT (Roof Top Tower). The choice for any such action would be founded on network evaluation by the organization group of Vodafone Idea and except if it lines up with their network expansion inclusion augmentation objective, they would overlook your solicitation. Aside from network difficulties for getting an extra tower in the middle, a telco has additionally different difficulties going from finance (budgetary allocation), Civil and Regulatory, and so forth No chance a simple undertaking. All things considered, you can associate with portable tower organizations on the off chance that you are searching for a potential income around INR 14,000 to 40,000 according to leasing space.

You can share your property details with the telecom companies and invite them for an inspection. However, an important point to note here is that the companies will only approach you if your property is suitable from the radio frequency point of view. In case the site gets a green signal, few Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) are signed, and thereafter, the property is let-out to various telecom service providers.

Overall, if you are considering a cell tower installation, weigh both the pros and cons. Also, before you reach out to mobile companies and negotiate a deal, seek out professional consultation and thoroughly review the plan. 4G Mobile Tower Installation Charges If you are looking for Mobile Tower Installation Charges then your search ends here. We are providing residential Mobile Tower Installation services in Delhi at affordable charges and rates. The 4G Tower Installation price can be varied depending upon various factors and the types of mobile tower.

Want to install 4g mobile tower in your plot or land? Want to earn monthly rental income from your property? Looking for best mobile tower installation agency in Delhi? Well, all your searches will come to an end here with us because we would provide you exactly what you are looking for.

Mobile Tower Installation is a very easy and safe process. It is because tower application is processed by company officials only so there is no chance of corruption here. Mobile Towers are different in sizes and shapes and are installed after site inspection. Contacting a 4g Mobile Tower Installation company in Delhi is not an issue, but the main concern is their rates. If you are approaching any company for the services, having a rough idea of the charges prior can help you.

If it is Mobile Tower Installation Price then definitely we are describing it in the broad sense. The charges differs from company to company, size of the site and the type of mobile tower. When a person would have a rough idea about the approximate cost of Mobile Tower Installation in Delhi, he could select the one which is budget friendly.


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